Semiconductors & Logistics – Report by Savills!

Savills’ Spotlight report reveals Europe must double semiconductor production to achieve 20% global output by 2030 under the EU Chips Act. €43B EU investment could create 10.8M sq m warehouse demand in 7 years.

Pandemic disruptions led to supply chain challenges, surging demand, and geopolitical complexities. China rose to 32%, US dropped to 12%. Andrew Blennerhassett from Savills sees AI, EVs, and cloud driving demand, potentially boosting logistics growth by 10.8M sq m by 2030.

Manufacturing links to industrial demand. EU’s 2021 manufacturing revenues at €5.2T, semiconductors at €53.8B (1% of total). Growth may raise this to 4.2% by 2030, fueling logistics.

Savills envisions 1.6M jobs and 4.2M sq m logistics demand from EU’s semiconductor push. Opportunities for Ireland, Germany, Italy, Poland, and Spain.

Marcus de Minckwitz, Savills, notes semiconductor interest grows, benefiting European markets. Diversity and onshoring, along with e-commerce, promise dynamic years ahead.