Nearshoring, nearsourcing and reshoring

All you ever wanted to know about nearshoring, nearsourcing and reshoring but was afraid to ask…

Please find very interesting report done in collaboration between Reuters Events and A.P. Moller – Maersk that gives a deep dive into this subject in the context of post covid world. Our summary below:

  • 22% of respondents see difficulty securing the required amount of warehouse space for goods.
  • 67% of global retailers and manufacturers say that global supply chain disruptions have changed where they source materials and components from.
  • Germany (#3) and Poland (#4), are the most attractive sourcing and reshoring locations globally and in Europe (other 12 our of 30 are there as well).
  • 51% of European respondents expect global logistics to be disrupted for two years or more.
  • Middle-income countries are the major winners as these locations are favourably positioned in terms of transportation costs, time to market and lower labour costs than in high-income countries. 
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