Growing demand for ecological warehouses

The main factors influencing the choice of space are invariably the location and costs of renting the warehouse. However, over time, we observe a change in trends, potential tenants declare the importance of environmental issues in their warehouses, and expect developers to provide technological and ecological facilitations as well as certificates for buildings. Companies that have ESG rules written in their strategy, according to reports, are able to pay extra from 1 to 10 percent of the rental cost.

According to CBRE: “4.5 million sq m of warehouse space is currently under construction in Poland, but it is still not enough to meet the overall demand for this type of space. The boom in the market makes tenants take what is available”. Therefore, despite the constant construction of newer warehouses and spaces, potential tenants often have no choice but to choose not always certified spaces, as it is still a factor less important than location and price.

Source: Strefa Biznesu