“E-commerce is bursting at its seems, and warehouses are following.”

We highly recommend reading interesting report by Cushman & Wakefield “E-commerce is bursting at its seems, and warehouses are following.”. See our summary and key trends:

✅ 100 billion PLN value of the-commerce market in Poland in 2020 (100% increase over 2 years). The market is to grow by 20% annually and in 2025 reache the level of 250 billion PLN. The value of the EU market is 757 billion EUR, so Poland accounts for 3% of the online trade.

77% – the number of internet users shopping online (increase by 15% vs 2019). At the end of 2021, the number of stores registered online was 52.3 thousand. Already 20% of Poles buy all the non-food products online.

9% – share of internet sales in retail sales. By 2023 it is expected to be 20%.

25 million sq.m. – warehouse space in Poland after 1Q2022 (increase by 21% vs 2020 and 16% vs 2021). By the end of the year, the 30 million sq.m. of warehouse space is to be surpassed. The vacancy rate at the end of Q12022 is 3.3% and is falling down.

30.7% – giving 7.35 million sq.m. of warehouse space is used for e-commerce (+84% vs 2019). Due to market trends and the fact that e-commerce needs 3 times more warehouse space, this value will increase.


Source: Cushman&Wakefield