Trends and growth directions on the warehouse market

At the end of April, Amazon informed that it had ‘overextended’ during the pandemic, which caused the 10% value reduction of the biggest developers both in USA and UK. What is the situation on the warehouse market and what are the expected trends:

✅ The demand will still exceed the supply, thanks to i.e. smaller e-commerce companies.
✅ Companies are trying to find the warehouse space closer to their outlets to avoid supply disruptions. swoich rynków zbytu, aby uchronić się przed zakłóceniami w dostawach.
✅ According to CBRE, vacancy rate in warehouses in UK is 1.5%, which is “critically low” level. Currently in Poland it is 3.6%.
✅ Rent increases will accelerate in the next year and are likely to force out some of the industrial companies, that can no longer afford rents paid by new companies.


Source: Financial Times